Olympic Peninsula Riverfront Property

Olympic Peninsula Riverfront Property


Comfortable living on 35 long riverside acres at the very edge of the "last frontier" in the contiguous lower 48 states of the USA.

This 35 acres of  beautiful property is literally located right at the cusp/edge of the amazing Pacific Northwest.

I.E. Only 20 minutes away from the Hoh River Valley Rainforest and an hour from the Queets River Valley Rainforest.  The only temperate rainforests in the Northwestern USA.  You are also very close to Cape Flattery, the furthest Northwest Point in the lower 48 which can be reached from the parking lot by a short hike, most of which is "board walked". 

The northwesternmost point in the contiguous United States is at Cape Alava, south of Cape Flattery in Olympic National Park.  All of this is just 50 minutes from your front door, giving excellent panorama of the rugged Pacific coastline here at the furthest most Northwest point of the lower 48.

From the front door of this house you're also just a quick 57 miles away from Port Angeles from where you can take a short drive up to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park and get year round spectacular vistas of the Olympic mountain range.

This property is listed for $649k

This property would not be available if it weren't for the current owner's physical disabilities!




Olympic Peninsula Riverfront Property